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The TreasuryONE outsourcing offering is based on the company’s well-staffed professional team of treasury experts and the world-class IT2 treasury management system.  This team incorporates all the necessary skills and business experience to design, manage and operate best of breed corporate treasuries.  It provides a fully integrated, complimentary extension to each Client’s finance team at a fraction of the cost of managing their treasury department and system.

Every outsourcing Client is served by the IT2 system, providing database, processing, communications and control facilities via the web.  The Client’s secure IT2 database is transparent to authorised Client finance personnel, who can enter and receive information as required and can monitor the progress and status of their treasury operations in real time.

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Benefits of Treasury Outsourcing

  • Reduced costs

    Outsourcing can generate very significant cost savings through the shared use of expert human, technical resources and economies of scale by the outsourcing organisation’s clients.

  • Strategic focus

    The group treasurer now has more time to focus on strategy with the daily operations taken care of by TreasuryOne outsourcing.

  • Segregation

    In smaller treasuries, segregation is always an issue but outsourcing takes care of any segregation issues.

  • Access to Treasury Management System

    Organisations get access to treasury management systems that might not have been possible if they needed to purchase the system. The reduced capital layout is a major win in treasury outsourcing.

  • Market and technology knowledge

    The higher level of expertise and experience in the outsourcing team will bring leading-edge solutions and more value to your treasury department. Since treasury outsourcing services are the outsourcers main activity, they are much closer to the market and at the forefront of technology changes in treasury management and banking systems.

  • No more HR headaches

    Your outsource partner will recruit, employ, train, and manage treasury resources freeing companies from the HR burden of appointing, managing and finding scares resourced staff.

  • Scalability

    Outsourcing allows for ease of scalability either in services provided or growth in the business.

TreasuryONE’s experience, track record in the implementation and support of world-class treasury systems, together with their market execution capabilities has resulted in their selection as our partner of choice for our treasury operations.

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Willem Reitsma (Group Treasurer)