Supply Chain Finance

Optimise working capital to drive growth and profitability.

What is supply chain finance?

To free up capital tied up in working capital, organisations can utilise supply chain finance, also known as reverse factoring, that gives suppliers the flexibility to “sell” approved invoices to financial institutions for a discount that is dependent on the credit risk of the buyers and is agreed upon in advance. Using supply chain finance as an alternative means of financing helps buyers negotiate longer payment terms and can help increase free cash flow.

How TreasuryONE can help implement supply chain solutions?

TreasuryONE has partnered with Investec Bank to offer a supply chain finance program to the market.

The Investec supply chain finance program powered by TreasuryONE has the goal to optimise cash flows and working capital management for your business. The program enables buyers to obtain cost effective and efficient payment terms with suppliers and provides suppliers with a mechanism to receive an early settlement.

The program is housed in Investec’s world class platform, with enhanced flexibility and functionality that puts you in charge of your supply chain.


Benefits for buyers (corporates)

  • Improved payment terms that free up cash flows
  • Balance sheet efficiency
  • Strengthen relationships with suppliers
  • Technology that helps you to automate, streamline and integrate processes
  • Improved margins by facilitating settlement discounts that don’t compromise your cash flows
  • A high-tech, high-touch offering that puts you in control of your supply chain

Benefits for suppliers

  • Improved liquidity and certainty of cash flow
  • Enhanced flexibility with the choice of automatic or manual settlement
  • Complete visibility to track receivables, irrespective of status
  • Easy onboarding requirements
  • No requirement for suppliers to fill credit lines

The benefits of a supply chain finance program for a Buyer

The benefits of a supply chain finance program for a Supplier

How does the Investec Supply Chain Finance program work?

Need your own Supply Chain Finance Technology?

TreasuryONE is the implementation and support partner of Kyriba the global leader in cloud treasury and finance solutions. Part of the Kyriba product offering is dynamic discounting and supply chain finance solutions that benefit both buyers and suppliers, and empower treasury and procurement to work hand-in-hand to deliver working capital improvements. TreasuryONE will implement and support the solutions for you.

Kyriba Offers Multiple Working Capital Solutions to help:

  • Buyer-led dynamic discounting reduces the cost of goods sold by offering early payment to suppliers in return for a discount on the invoice value.

  • Supply chain finance facilitates term extension on payables, preserving cash for longer on the balance sheet and increasing free cash flow. This extra free cash flow can be used to fund strategic objectives such as organic or inorganic growth, reduce debt, buy-back shares and increase dividend payouts.

Supply chain finance diagram
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