TreasuryONE has a tailor-made solution for private clients that want to transfer money to/from South Africa. Private clients now have access to market rates previously only available to corporate clients.

What the law allows

  • R1 million discretionary allowance

You may transfer up to R1 million* per person, per calendar year without the need for a SARS Tax clearance certificate.

  • Investment allowance

You may make an investment transfer up to R10 million* per person, per calendar year. A SARS Tax clearance certificate is required. (At no additional cost TreasuryOne assists in obtaining tax clearance certificates)

*Note: You may be able to transfer investment larger than R11 million, subject to SARB approval

  • Repatriation

South African residents must promptly repatriate foreign currency they have received back to South Africa.

  • Emigration

You may transfer up to R10 million* per person (R20 million per family unit), less any amount that you have already transferred under your annual investment allowance.

*Note: You may be able to transfer emigration amounts greater than R10 million, subject to SARB approval.

How to transfer money off-shore

What sets us apart?

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  1. We consistently secure BEST RATES. 
  2. EXPERTS help you with the COMPLEXITIES of the regulations and requirements.
  3. For amounts => R100 000, all local transfer costs and fees are INCLUSIVE!
  4. The administration is easy and efficient with our DEDICATED operations team.
  5. We help you secure SARS TAX CLEARANCE and/or SARB approval.

Client Testimonials

“TreasuryONE’s Forex Service is truly hassle-free – it’s efficient and 100% competitive.” Heinrich Richter – PSG

“TreasuryONE has been nothing but good to me, offering the best interest rates with the lowest, most transparent fees and quickest service.  I would recommend their services.” Ruan Pretorius