TreasuryONE service offering

Foreign exchange rates are unpredictable, and markets can change direction at the drop of a hat. At TreasuryONE, we don’t indulge in crystal ball gazing to determine the future. We combine well-established economic principles and meticulous research with some of the best risk management minds in the industry, to provide our clients with sound strategic advice.

  • Best rate: Our highly skilled and experienced Foreign Exchange Dealing Team act on behalf of all our clients to achieve the most competitive execution rate in this fast-moving, complex marketplace.

  • Administration: We can take care of all the hassle of Foreign Exchange transaction confirmation, settlement, regulatory compliance and reporting.

  • Timing: Our team will work with you to time the execution of your agreed strategy, based on expert analysis of market conditions and outlook.  This strategy will optimize your average performance, avoiding buying at the market highs and selling at the lows.
  • Hedging strategy: We work with your finance and business professionals to design the most effective hedging programme, based on your policies and specific business requirements. We combine our expert knowledge of the technical and fundamental features of the Foreign Exchange market.


We are working with TreasuryONE to navigate the most turbulent market environment in memory, to define the best Forex hedging strategy for the protection of our earnings and financial assets and exposures.

Gys Wege Financial Director, Deneb Investments Ltd.

FX and Commodity Dealing Team