TreasuryOne has a tailor-made solution for private clients that want to transfer money to/from South Africa. Private clients now have access to market rates previously only available to corporate clients.

What the law allows

  • R1 million discretionary allowance

You may transfer up to R1 million* per person, per calendar year without the need for a SARS Tax clearance certificate.

  • Investment allowance

You may make an investment transfer up to R10 million* per person, per calendar year. A SARS Tax clearance certificate is required. (At no additional cost TreasuryOne assists in obtaining tax clearance certificates)

*Note: You may be able to transfer investment larger than R11 million, subject to SARB approval

  • Repatriation

South African residents must promptly repatriate foreign currency they have received back to South Africa.

  • Emigration

You may transfer up to R10 million* per person (R20 million per family unit), less any amount that you have already transferred under your annual investment allowance.

*Note: You may be able to transfer emigration amounts greater than R10 million, subject to SARB approval.

How to transfer money off-shore

What sets us apart?

  • Our expert dealer and operations staff guide you through the complexities of the regulations and requirements.
  • We consistently secure competitive rates and charges.
  • For amounts equating to a Rand value of greater than R100 000, all local transfer costs and fees are inclusive!
  • The administration is done easily and efficiently with our dedicated operations team.

  • We help you secure SARS tax clearance and/or SARB approval for transactions exceeding the yearly allowable offshore fund transfer amounts.
  • We will assist with the opening of an overseas bank account.
“TreasuryOne’s Forex Service is truly hassle free – it’s efficient and 100% competitive.”

Heinrich Richter – PSG